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Dan, Jeff and Scott from Zao...again (Part Two)

Episode Summary

Chapter 51: "The Well Intentioned Podcast; Second Half" read by Dan Weyandt, Jeff Gretz and Scott Mellinger of Zao

Episode Notes

Dan Weyandt, Jeff Gretz and Scott Mellinger of Zao continue laying out the entire upcoming album "The Well Intentioned Virus" track by track. This chapter will cover tracks six through ten, plus a very special remix of Xenophobe called "Xenophyle" by Joey Milligan of Anberlin. Zao just KEEPS GIVING! Don't forget about that giveaway that ATSG, Skull Toaster and MetalBandCampGiftClub are collaborating on. Listen to the rules and listen closely to the podcast. The answer was revealed in chapter fifty last week. Listen closely, follow Skull Toaster and WIN THAT POSTER!

Chapter 51 Music: all Zao from the upcoming album The Well Intentioned Virus (and working titles)

We then discuss the recording process at Treelady Studios, our dogs, the song writing process with members who live all over the place, the album artwork, label vs indie release, and Dan's daughter makes her first podcast appearance.

Chapter 51 Notes:

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