As The Story Grows
As the story grows orange

Finding the humanity in an industry full of monsters.

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    Bryan Gray of The Blamed

    Chapter 166: "I Knew It Was Going To Be Huge" read by Bryan Gray of the Blamed

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    Matthew Schwartz of Pacifico

    Chapter 163: "Promoting A Song No One Could Get" read by Matthew Schwartz from Pacifico

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    Doug Venable of Hopesfall

    Chapter 160: "That Wasn't What I Wanted To Do" read by Doug Venable of Hopesfal

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    Aaron Stone of My Epic

    Chapter 159: "Never Make the Same Record" read by Aaron Stone of My Epic

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    Jason Stinson of Overcome

    Chapter 158: "An Amazing Period of Time" read by Jason Stinson of Overcome

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    Tim Mann of Focused

    Chapter 155: "Spirit Filled Hardcore" read by Tim Mann

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    Jeff Jacquay of Unashamed

    Chapter 154: "I Gotta Find Another Drummer" read by Jeff Jacquay

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    Best of 2018

    Chapter 150: "The Best of 2018"

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    Chris Foley of Luxury

    Chapter 149: "I Was At the Same Place" ready by Chris Foley

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    Corey Darst of Zao

    Chapter 147: "You're All The Pretty Weapons" read by Corey Darst

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    Lance Black of In Parallel

    Chapter 146: "I Haven't Talked About This In A While" read by Lance Black

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    Jack O'Shea of Bayside

    Chapter 143: "Learning To Swim By Being Thrown Into The Pool" read by Jack O'Shea

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    Nathan Gray of BoySetsFire

    Chapter 142: "Happy People Don't Make Other People Miserable" read by Nathan Gray

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    Adam Morgan of Hopesfall

    Chapter 141: "I Can't Ever Say That That's It" read by Adam Morgan

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    Josiah Bibb of Sollunar

    Chapter 140: "It's Going To Sound Like Me" read by Josiah Bibb

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    Andrew Colosimo of Kinzua

    Chapter 135: "Snarkasm as an art" read by Andrew Colosimo of Kinzua (Sheep And The Shears)

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    Braid B-Side

    Chapter 134: There's More Braid Where That Came From

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    Jimmy P Brown II of Deliverance

    Chapter 129: "Apparently what happens in Mexico doesn't necessarily stay in Mexico" read by Jimmy P Brown II of Deliverance

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    Josh Thieler of Slaves BC

    Chapter 128: "Lo, and I am really busy" read by Josh Thieler of Slaves BC

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    Roy Culver of Nuclear Blast Records

    Chapter 122: "I don't think we're in rural Kentucky anymore" read by Roy Culver of Nuclear Blast Records

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    Jeff Gretz of Zao (Part Two)

    Chapter 116: "...and what the heck does Pyrrhic mean? (Part Two)" read by Jeff Gretz of Zao

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    Jeff Gretz of Zao (Part One)

    Chapter 115: "You Gotta Be Picky Sometimes (Part One)" read by Jeff Gretz of Zao

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    DJ Sacrifice

    Chapter 109: "A New Heavy" read by Darren Johnson, formerly and occasionally still of Living Sacrifice

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    Jeff Martin of Lo-Pan

    Chapter 108: "A Well In-Tensioned Virus" read by Jeff Martin of Lo-Pan

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    Mike Minnick of Less Art

    Chapter 107: "All of Less Art, more or less" read by Mike Minnick of Less Art

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    Chapter 106: "Where The Mosh Pit Meets The Dance Floor" read by Klank

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    Jeremy Hunt of Qoheleth

    Chapter 104: "God Is The Warmest Place To Hide" read by Jeremy Hunt of Qoheleth

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    Living Sacrifice "Reborn" Special

    Chapter 103: "Podcast Empowered" read by Bruce Fitzhugh, Lance Garvin, Chris Truby, Jason Truby and Brandon Ebel

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    Alexis Marshall of Daughters

    Chapter 102: "Suns and Daughters" read by Alexis Marshall of Daughters (and formerly As The Sun Sets)

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    The Advent Of A Miracle Strongarm Special

    Chapter 99: "The Anniversary Of A Miracle" read by Chad Neptune, Jason Berggren, Chris Carbonell, Steven Kleisath and Billy Power

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    Dana Filloon of Junius

    Chapter 94: "The Inconviniant Truth, Or Consequences " read by Dana Filloon, drummer of Junius

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    Carley Coma of Candiria

    Chapter 92: "Let The Song Write Itself" read by Carley Coma of Candiria

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    Gene Hoglan the Atomic Clock

    Chapter 91: "Driving The Truck" read by Gene Hoglan of Testament, Strapping Young Lad, Death, Dethklok, Dark Angel and on and on.

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    Jaci KVLT

    Chapter 88: "The STING of freelance art" read by Jaci KVLT

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    Kevin Hufnagel of Gorguts, Dysrhythmia

    Chapter 86: "Guitar > Dressing As A Penguin" read by Kevin Hufnagel of Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Sabbath Assembly, Byla and about a hundred other bands

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    Ron Jarzombek of Watchtower

    Chapter 84: "He Blotted Me With Science" read by Ron Jarzombek of Watchtower, Blotted Science, Spastic Ink

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    Andrea Horne of Vaureen

    Chapter 82: "It's All About The Washingtons" read by Andrea Horne of Vaureen

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    Chris Carbonell of Strongarm

    Chapter 78: "These Podcasts That Try Men's Souls" read by Chris Carbonell of Strongarm

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    John LaMacchia of Candiria

    Chapter 69: "What Didn't Kill John..." read by John LaMacchia of Candiria

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    Kevin Leaman of Believer

    Chapter 66: "In Leamans' terms" read by Kevin Leaman of Believer

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    Aaron Stone of My Epic

    Chapter 65: "A Plea For Laundry" read by Aaron Stone of My Epic

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    Jason Hamacher (Bonus Frodus)

    Chapter 57: "Use Your Illusion 2: Team Bum-Out" read by Jason Hamacher of Frodus and Lost Origins

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    Adam Robinson of Portlandia

    Chapter 47: "Here's To You, Mr. Robinson!" read by Adam Robinson of Portlandia

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    Kris Myers of Umphrey's McGee

    Chapter 44: "Between Buckethead And Mini-Kiss" read by Kris Myers (drummer of Umphrey's McGee)

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    Sacha Dunable of Intronaut

    Chapter 29: "Just Buy A Damn Album, Bro" read by Sacha Dunable (Intronaut vocalist/guitarist)

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    Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan

    Chapter 27: "Leave It Better Than It Was" read by Liam Wilson (Dillinger Escape Plan bassist)

    • Dillinger overseas tour talk
    • Frodus Escape Plan
    • Super secret (not really) Misfits cover band Halloween show
    • To vegan or not to vegan
    • Trav's son interrupts for the SECOND time
    • The legendary pepper story
    • Dillinger to Believer through Winger
    • Touring as a dad
    • Ya'll keep an eye out for Mr. John Frum
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    Ben Sharp of Cloudkicker

    Chapter 26: "Gaining Perspective" read by Ben Sharp of Cloudkicker

    • LA then Ohio then Pittsburgh
    • "Kickernaut" Tour Insight
    • Mentality behind merchandise
    • Twitter question from Jeremy Hunt leads to how Ben named "Subsume"
    • Smelling Intronaut farts gets you a pre-release
    • Small discussion on enlightenment
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    Megadeth Tribute with Bruce Fitzhugh and Alex Kenis

    Chapter 25: "Holy crap...the Punishment, Bruce" read by Bruce Fitzhugh and Alex Kenis

    • What we love/don't love about Megadeth
    • Bruce and DJ ghost hunting in Arkansas
    • The premier of our rendition of "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" (This is Bruce's first recorded vocal performance since Living Sacrifice's "Ghost Thief")
  145. Thumb 1442748313 artwork

    Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice

    Chapter 24: "Mega-Bruce" read by Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice vocalist)

    -The "Breathing Lyrics" story -Manhead Merch and life in the present tense -Living Sacrifice, DJ, the first three albums, recording -REX and Solid State -The DC influence and what we're listening to -The big As The Story Grows aren't gonna believe this... -One last story: Trav almost played drums for Living Sacrifice...once

  146. Thumb 1441754696 artwork

    Jamie Holmes of Double Decker Records

    Chapter 23: "It all started with an accident" read by Jamie Holmes of Double Decker Records

    • Humble beginnings with Fountainhead Records
    • Lehigh Valley decision
    • Death of compact discs, rise of cassettes? What the...?
    • I told you record store day sucks...
    • Ray of Tile and Chris (Braid's tour manager) join in, with donuts
    • Nate Allen has the West Side Blues
  147. Thumb 1441629635 artwork

    Dan Gailey of Phinehas

    Chapter 22: "Wrestling with life decisions" read by Daniel Gailey (Phinehas guitarist)

    • Becoming the Becoming The Archetype guitarist in his car
    • Super secret Becoming The Archetype tidbit of news, just for the ATSG listeners
    • The amazing climb of Phinehas and how Dan Gailey had hours to learn the live show
    • Upcoming huge Phinehas tour with For Today, Fit For A King, Gideon and Silent Planet
    • How Christianity carefully fits into modern music and social media
  148. Thumb 1440974351 artwork

    Ryan Downey of Alternative Press / Superhero Management

    Chapter 21: "Iconic Brutality" read by Ryan J Downey of Alternative Press and Superhero Management

    • World's most disturbing Coalesce Story
    • Traditional Contract vs Licensing Deal
    • Rowing down the stream with Bullet For My Valentine
    • Music has gotten better, kind of?
    • Very, very little sports talk
    • Seth's Mutoid Man show review
    • Drummer drama with Killer Be Killed
  149. Thumb 1444566299 artwork

    Cory Brandan of Norma Jean

    Chapter 20: "Spadoinkle Mode" read by Cory Brandan (Norma Jean vocalist)

    • Ironing out Eso-Charis and Living Sacrifice lineups
    • "Oh God, the Anniversary"
    • Moon Homicide
    • Country Music and Canadian Secrets
    • Twitter question from @thestormmaster
    • Cory's exclusive insight to the new lyrical perspective of Norma Jean
  150. Thumb 1439168047 artwork

    Shelby Cinca of Frodus

    Chapter 19: "Perspective and Cupcakes" read by Shelby Cinca (Frodus vocalist/guitarist)

    • Kidney Stones, Tendonitis, Sumac and Sepultura
    • Sweden?
    • Teaming up with members of Fugazi and Dillinger Escape Plan
    • Some insight of DC, Dischord and Ian McKaye
    • How to make a board game
    • Get deep about kids, death and the dark matter of the universe
  151. Thumb 1438556996 artwork

    Justin Carroll (Narcissus)

    Chapter 18: "Keep It In The Family" read by Justin Carroll (Narcissus bassist)

    • a lil' tough guy MMA/sports talk to warm up (very little...)
    • In Narcissus, out of Narcissus, marrying in...back in Narcissus
    • 40 Days of disaster tour stories with Tantrum, Underoath and Few Left Standing
    • The LEGENDARY story of Derek Carter
    • Pregnancy woes turn to reasons to rejoice with new perspective
    • Move to the Monastary
    • New record purchases: Mutoid Man and ...Paul Simon? You're damn right Paul Simon!
  152. Thumb 1439246573 artwork

    Secret Cutter

    Chapter 17: "Bethlehem Democracy" read by Secret Cutter

    • Stephen discusses the difference between Sepultura and Sepultura
    • Email from Jerry Adams of Ourfathers
    • Early days of Oktober Skyline and Doppleganger Records
    • The tale of Secret Cutter and Bethlehem Rust
    • A lil' exclusive Dead Kennedy for the loyal ATSG audience (Thanks Cutters!!!)
  153. Thumb 1437234162 artwork

    Jason Wisdom (Becoming The Archetype, Solamors)

    Chapter 16: "Rock Your Face Off" read by Jason Wisdom (former Becoming The Archetype vocalist/bassist)

    • joining Becoming The Becoming The Archetype
    • winning bass player of the year without being able to play mxpx
    • conclusion of Becoming The Archetype
    • becoming the teacher
    • becoming the missionary for RYFO
    • becoming a kidnapper with a gun pointed at his head
  154. Thumb 1436713883 artwork

    Collin Simula of Maranatha

    Chapter 15: "New American Filth" read by Collin Simula of (Maranatha vocalist/guitarist)

    • The young Michigan/Ohio transplant
    • Early, and very unorthodox induction to Symphony In Peril
    • Tapping out, then falling "In Da Cut" (that's a smart joke)
    • The art project that became the birthplace of Maranatha
    • New American Records, July 24th
  155. Thumb 1436105467 artwork

    Jarrod Norris of Deadself

    Chapter 14: "Beastie Boy Of Burden" read by Jarrod Norris (Deadself, Beast Of Burden)

    • You gotta fight...for your listen to secular music...on secret overdubbed cassettes
    • How to start a distro / label; how NOT to pick the name
    • Involvement with Societys Finest, Overcome, Zao, Living Sacrifice, Eso-Charis and every other Christian band you've ever heard
    • Turning points, life perspective and Teacher Of The Year
  156. Thumb 1435507952 artwork

    Allan Aguirre of Scaterd Few (Part Two)

    Chapter 13: "Allan Again" read by Allan Aguirre (Scaterd Few)

    Here we go! We are celebrating our thirtieth episode with the 25 year anniversary release of Scaterd Few's "Sin Disease" with the second part of our 12th chapter (which is actually our 13th chapter). Ok. If your head hasn't exploded after that idiotic first sentence, then enjoy part two of our discussion with Allan Aguirre of Scaterd Few. NOW, we're gonna get dirty. Sleeves are rolled up, gloves are off...time to discuss one of the most controversial, quinnesential and cornerstone albums in Christiandom. (Is that even a word?) Whatever...let's do this. If you haven't listened to part one of this discussion, you don't HAVE to...but it is highly recommended.

  157. Thumb 1434921748 artwork

    Allan Aguirre of Scaterd Few (Part One)

    Chapter 12: "Punk history to fly fishing" read by Allan Aguirre (Scaterd Few)

    Chapter 12 highlights: - This first of two parter will cover the history that led up to the Scaterd Few album "Sin Disease" - Early beginnings in LA and dealing with gang violence - Scaterd Few then Cygnet then back to Scaterd Few...then Cygnet became Spy Glass Blue... - hang in there...more to come next week...

  158. Thumb 1434282418 artwork

    Bob Nanna of Braid

    Chapter 11: "If you wanna be a martyr... try harder" read by Bob Nanna (Braid guitarist/vocalist)

    • Vinyl purchases: Scaterd Few Test Pressing (again) and Pretty Hate Machine
    • Stephen gets a new masterpainting job
    • Bob Nanna talks about the space between Braid and Hey Mercedes
    • The legend of the man known simply as "Bicks"
    • 2005: Threadless, cancer and hat shopping
    • Lifestyle changes and "Disease Talk with Bob and Travis"
    • Quick story "No...Sleep...til' Philly"
    • Downwrite
    • Covering one hundred songs may take a little while
  159. Thumb 1433681062 artwork

    Steven Kleisath of Further Seems Forever (Strongarm, Shai Hulud)

    Chapter Ten: "Quarter Seems Forever" read by Steven Kleisath (Further Seems Forever, Strongarm, Shai Hulud drummer)

    • Playing drums for Friend Or Foe/Pull, Strongarm, Shai Hulud and Further Seems Forever
    • Breaking the all-time Mario Bros record
    • Playing On-line poker
    • Driving for a limo company
  160. Thumb 1433076648 artwork

    Michael Gilligan of Fake Chapter Records

    Fake Chapter Nine: "Ghosts in the studio; pitbulls in the nursery" read by Michael Gilligan (Fake Chapter Records)

    • Trav's studio is haunted and Stephen is a big jerkass
    • Trav's dvd yardsale purchases and Stephen's judgmental movie selection review
    • The Real Fake Story of Michael Gilligan and Fake Chapter Records
    • Getting Hum onto a TV commercial
    • True feelings about Good Charlotte
  161. Thumb 1432464855 artwork

    "Strange Cousins From The East"

    Chapter Eight: "Strange Cousins From The East" read by Trav and Stephen

    • Killer Lebowski related story
    • Live Clutch and Mastodon show discussion
    • Recent favorite podcasts
    • Vinyl purchases: Scaterd Few's "Sin Disease" and Tourniquet's "Pathogenic"
  162. Thumb 1431877390 artwork

    Dan Frome of Roomrunner

    Chapter Seven: "Enter the Frome Dome" read by Dan Frome (Roomrunner bassist; Future Islands sound engineer)

    • Humble beginnings of the Frome Dome at the Copy Cat
    • Uncovering lost archived to the cat litter...
    • Live read of our first email ever from our pal Dan (@petkau on twitter)
    • Tripping into the Roomrunner gig
    • Getting the gig and traveling the world with Future Islands
  163. Thumb 1431253055 artwork

    Seth Hecox of Becoming The Archetype

    Chapter Six: "Dropping Cable" read by Seth Hecox (Becoming The Archetype guitarist)

    • Going off the grid and dropping cable
    • New music Mew "+/-" and Coliseum "Anxiety's Kiss"
    • Brief history of Becoming The Archetype
    • The birth of Seth's folk project Anchors
    • Moving the left coast to work for a Lutheran church
    • The birth of The Clifton
  164. Thumb 1430654846 artwork

    Andrew Elstner of Torche

    Chapter Five: "Lord Of The Strings" read by Andrew Elstner (Torche guitarist)

    • Long distance band relationships
    • Andrew's Tour Diary "Everybody Pukes" funniest highlights...and they are FUNNY
    • Becoming one with the universe by cutting your grass
    • Getting ready to leave for Europe
    • Jonathan Dick and his daughter
  165. Thumb 1430020478 artwork

    Taylor and Sarah of This Way To The Egress

    Chapter Four: "Respect The Negative Space" read by Tyrant Taylor and Saddle Sarah (This Way To The Egress)

    • Podcast Calibration
    • This way to the story of This Way To The Egress
    • The legend of producer Roger Greenawalt
    • Exclusive song "What Do Ya Want" from their upcoming album (Thanks Taylor!)
    • Foo Fighters "Sonic Highways" talk
    • A lil' sumthin' 'bout sumthin' called Record Store Day
  166. Thumb 1429356540 artwork

    Timothy Henderson of Warlord (Mr. Bishop's Fist)

    Chapter Three: "Tim And Warlord Awesome Show, Great Job" read by Timothy Henderson (Warlord/Mr. Bishops Fist drummer)

    • R.I.P.: Deliverance/Vengeance Rising Drummer Chris Hyde
    • New purchases: Radiohead "The Bends" 20th anniversary and up-comers Boom Said Thunder
    • The Story of Mr. Timothy Henderson (Warlord/Mr. Bishops Fist)
    • Never before heard live rehearsal recording of the band Catechumen. You're welcome.
  167. Thumb 1428842640 artwork

    Jim Settle (Tantrum Of The Muse)

    Chapter Two: "Rubbernecker" read by Jim Settle (Tantrum Of The Muse bassist)

    Chapter Highlights:

    • Good ol' days and how Jim met Tantrum
    • Reminiscing about recording ModernMu$ick2000 in Delaware
    • Stories from the Tantrum/Underoath "40 Days of Disaster Tour"
    • Jim's constant bodily injuries
    • Exclusive of the song "Daughters" from Jim's new band Bore
  168. Thumb 1428098423 artwork

    "No New Kinda Podcast"

    Chapter One: "No New Kinda Podcast" read by Trav and Stephen

    • R.I.P.: Death/Control Denied Bassist Scott Clendenin
    • New purchases, live shows: Torche-adelphia with Wrong and Nothing
    • Tooth And Nail documentary "No New Kinda Story"
  169. Thumb 1427549520 artwork

    BVC021: Closing shop.

    It's been a good run, but Jesse and Trav are calling it quits...sort of. Turns out you'll be getting two podcasts for the price of none. Give us twenty minutes to explain and check out a few tunes from Pennywise and Queen.

  170. Thumb 1426957035 artwork

    BVC020: Brandon Duncan of Sterilizer

    We talk with Brandon Duncan about manufacturing cassettes, art and the beauty in the fact that everything could be taken away at any time.

    Music by Sterilizer and a Prong song just because...they rule.

  171. Thumb 1424744321 artwork

    BVC019: Markus Johansson of Sylencer and 4arm

    Guitarist Markus Johansson has had an interesting musical journey. This guy is just a guy. A guy who has forged his own way with an album with so many metal allumni that it looks like it was set up by everyone in the music business. Nope. Just Markus. This is a PERFECT example of musical "DIY". Truly inspirational. His band Sylencer released an album in 2012 called "A Lethal Dose Of Truth" with around twenty musicians involved...and if you're into metal you've probably heard of most of them.

    Then...his new band 4arm. Sheesh. Seriously? Based out of Australia, Markus picked up a leg as the lead guitarist. Then 4arm opened for Slayer and Gojira for a while. After an exit from their front man Danny Tomb, they called Markus to be the new frontman. 4arm has a new album called "Survivalist" due out this year. Super excited to see what happens for our new friend next.

    Music by Sylencer and a little dab of Modest Mouse on top.

  172. Thumb 1424618715 artwork

    BVC018: Andrew Elstner of Torche, Tilts, Riddle Of Steel

    Sometimes, it's good to know Stephen Sarro. He got to be friendly with Andrew Elstner of Torche via the inter-webs and said he would try to get him on the show...and it worked! Andrew was nice enough to tell us his whole story. We've got hilarious stories about James Hetfield and his cell there was a baby at a restaurant involved in joining Torche...fighting evil robots to save Miami and why overseas venues always seem to have gummy candy. Andrew got his copies of "Restarter" in the mail about five minutes before we got started so he gets to see them for the first time while he is talking to us. Torche's new album "Restarter" out on Relapse Records on Feb 24th. Go. Buy. Rock. Seriously..."Barrier Hammer" is one of the heaviest tunes they've ever done.

    Music by Van Halen, Riddle Of Steel, Tilts, Torche, Torche again because they rule, and Helms Alee.

  173. Thumb 1423442921 artwork

    BVC017: Nate Allen

    We were honored to be joined by Nate Allen this episode. Unique doesn't begin to describe his approach to music. His kickstarter campaign for "Nate Allen and the Pac-Away Dots" includes a video game, laser-etched mason jars, greeting gotta hear this. His music is inspired by not listening to much music, just an occasional cassette in the van. It is inspiring to hear that influences can come from silence and your own thoughts and not mimicry. His shows have no PA system and the crowds gather around he and his wife Tessa in a sort of circle gathering rather than a stage for a unique acoustic folk-punk experiance. He tells us all about it and hopefully inspires you to think a little outside the box. He recalls a cool Melvins / Big Business story. We talk a lil' Kansas City sports. He was a booking agent for Emery and As I Lay Dying. This one was fun.

    Music by The Melvins, Celan and Nate Allen

  174. Thumb 1423400441 artwork

    BVC016: Mark Salomon of White Lighter, Stavesacre, The Crucified

    It's not often that you get to talk to someone that you listened to growing up. Mark Salomon of The Crucified hung our with us and picked up where his three part interview with Billy Power left off. (GO LISTEN TO BILLY'S URBAN ACHIEVER PODCAST. Go ahead. We'll wait.) Mark talks a lot about his newest project White Lighter, touches a little bit on the current state of Stavesacre and will blow your mind on how deep he goes with Bill Murray. (It's a groundhog day thing.) He even does impressions...

    Music by White Lighter, Wovenhand, Minor Threat and The Crucified

  175. Thumb 1422761618 artwork

    BVC015: Matthew Putman of Living Sacrifice, Eso-Charis, Lovedrug, and every other band ever.

    Jesse and Trav had to do one without the powers of the Seth, but we at BVCHQ couldn't be happier with how this one turned out. Matt has what could be considered an indie drummer's "dream resume." This guy has played with everybody; just check his wiki page. We went a little long but that's because Matt has so much ground to cover. With stories like his unorthodox way of joining Living Sacrifice, breaking up overseas with Eso-Charis and leaving for Ohio to do a short stint with Lovedrug and staying for two years, we're sure you won't mind a little overtime.

    Music by Burned Up Bled Dry, Eso-Charis, Fear Is The Driving Force, Family History and Le Betre. Bonus points for Matt! He took the time to convert and digitize a few of these songs from 7" just so we could have them for the show. How DIY is that? Thanks again, Matt!

  176. Thumb 1422241694 artwork

    BVC014: Alex Kenis of Solamors answers some questions about Kickstarter

    Everyone knows about crowd sourcing, but we're betting not many people actually understand how it works. Alex Kenis, brainchild of metal outfit Solamors (including our own dearest Trav) ran a very successful campaign raising over $6,000 for an album. Wanna hear how it went?

    Music by Cynic, Apartment 3G, Goes Cube and Solamors own "Becoming What You Are"

  177. Thumb 1421631921 artwork

    BVC013: "Jesse, how do I make vinyls?"

    Jesse runs a record company called Veritas Vinyl. Like, he actually has vinyl made....quite a process. He gets a lot of questions. Most of them valid. Some of them stupid. So why don't you join us and listen to a little bit of what the process is all about?

    Music from Theory Of Ruin, Strongarm, The Skull and He Whose Ox Is Gored

  178. Thumb 1421499699 artwork

    BVC012: Stephen Sarro of Unteachers

    Stephen Sarro of Unteachers joins the BVC to talk about the recording process, being a new dad and how much he loves Crux.

    Music by Crux, Unteachers, Meshuggah and Fluffy.

  179. Thumb 1421499690 artwork

    BVC011: The very best of 2014

    Laddys and Germs, please welcome Seth W of Skull Toaster to the show! We all talk about our musical highlights on 2014 and give a little nod to the late Joe Cocker. Happy New Year!

    Music by Mortals, Wild Throne, Umphreys McGee, Witch Mountain and Joe Cocker

  180. Thumb 1421499681 artwork

    BVC010: Nick Mahaffey of OverMortal / Most influential punk albums

    Nick Mahaffey of Over Mortal join Jesse and Trav to discuss the punk albums that influenced them the most, plus some back story as to how God may have killed a computer.

    Music by Bad Religion, Neurosis, Officer Negative and lots of music from Over Mortal.

    Brought to you by

  181. Thumb 1421499671 artwork

    BVC009: Black Vinyl Christmas Party 2014

    The boys discuss selling out, Christmas shopping and something pretty gross ALMOST happens to Trav.

    Music by Black Cat Attack, Cross Movement, Stryper, Slaves BC, Daughters and Lou Monte.

    This episode is PROUDLY brought to you with the help of, daily metal trivia for the masses

  182. Thumb 1421499662 artwork

    BVC008: Josh Thieler of Slaves BC / best vocalists

    We have a discussion with Josh Thieler (and his dog) of Veritas Vinyl artists Slaves BC about who we think are the best vocalists in rock and metal. World premiere of Slaves BC song "Dust".

    Music on this episode by Slaves BC, Foxy Shazam, Devin Townsend, Faith No More, and why not wrap it up with a little Purple Rain, huh?

  183. Thumb 1421499652 artwork

    BVC007: Seth W. of / guilty musical pleasures

    Oh boy. Special (and first ever) guest Seth Werkheiser of sit down with Jesse and Trav to discuss the music they are all secretly embarrassed about, yet still love.

    Music from Limp Bizcut, Avenged Sevenfold and Winger! (I know, right?) Plus music we're ACTUALLY listening to: Down, Benny Greb's "Moving Parts" and Cat Head Deathray.

  184. Thumb 1421499642 artwork

    BVC006: Most Influential Metal Albums

    Trav and Jesse discuss their "most influential" metal albums, not their favorites, not the best, the ones that grabbed them when they were young and impressionable and made changes forever in their formadible young brains .

    Music by Metallica, Tourniquet, Iron Maiden, Believer and Megadeth

  185. Thumb 1421499631 artwork

    BVC005: Travis Turner of Unteachers

    Travis Turner of Unteachers talks to Jesse about recording the new album "A Human Comedy" and have some insight on the music and records they've been into lately.

    Music by Neurosis, Patsy Cline, Baptists, Secret Cutter and Unteachers.

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