As The Story Grows
As the story grows orange

Finding the humanity in an industry full of monsters.

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    Corey Darst of Zao

    Chapter 147: "You're All The Pretty Weapons" read by Corey Darst

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    Lance Black of In Parallel

    Chapter 146: "I Haven't Talked About This In A While" read by Lance Black

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    Jack O'Shea of Bayside

    Chapter 143: "Learning To Swim By Being Thrown Into The Pool" read by Jack O'Shea

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    Nathan Gray of BoySetsFire

    Chapter 142: "Happy People Don't Make Other People Miserable" read by Nathan Gray

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    Adam Morgan of Hopesfall

    Chapter 141: "I Can't Ever Say That That's It" read by Adam Morgan

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    Josiah Bibb of Sollunar

    Chapter 140: "It's Going To Sound Like Me" read by Josiah Bibb

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